About the League

We have four focuses in the League:

  • Discipleship
  • Leadership Development
  • Missions
  • Fellowship/Accountability

Each area has very unique requirements that intentionally teach you how to be involved in systematic Christian growth both individually and corporately.

To further learn what the League is all about, it helps to know who is involved in the League.

Who is involved in the League?

Before we get into the details, it is important to know who needs to be on the field and once they are there, what their role is to be.

League Commissioner:

The main focus for the League Commissioner is to equip and supply the coaches with what they need for their group to be successful.  This can take on a different role in each church context, but the League Commissioner needs to stay in contact with coaches consistently about expectations.


Coaches are your lay leaders that have determined to take a group of men or women and lead them to make disciples for a set period of time.  Coaches are very critical to the success of the League because they are leading, ministering, and teaching the players what is expected and holding them accountable individually.


Players are those that enter into the program with the intention of being coached in how to be a disciple and how to make disciples.  These are the people that the coaches can either enlist individually or through open enlistment.

Each position is critical and helps for the overall success.  Here is what should occur in your church when you have a group of people to go through the League.

  1. The Commissioner enlists coaches.
  2. The Coaches enlist players.
  3. The Players go through discipleship for a year
  4. Players become disciples and some Players become coaches according to their gifts.
  5. The Commissioner ensures continued training for existing and new players and coaches.
  6. The existing coaches and new coaches find new players.
  7. The process starts all over again.

What is that called?  Multiplication!  This is something that the church is desperate for in leaders and in disciples.

What should the League look like?

The illustration below gives you an indication of how the League should look with coaches and players being connected.

The League illustration

History of the League

The League was developed as a program by Colby Morgan and Joseph Brasher.  From a discussion with Dr. Billy Skinner about intentional discipleship and leadership development, Colby and Joseph took the concepts and developed what is now considered to be the League.